Dineen is by far one of the most reliable workers I’ve ever met. Not only is she extremely accomplished at her craft, but her personality is truly something else. Dineen has a special way about her. Her passion, dedication and compassion blows everyone else out of the water.

Don Saladino, Owner of Drive 495 and Drive 443 in NYC

I had the privilege of coaching Dineen at Penn State University while a member of the Women’s golf team. Dineen epitomizes “team” player. She was always out for the best interest of her teammates. She continues to bring that into her professional career. They say, People will not always remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Dineen leaves people feeling better about themselves, better about their experience, and forever grateful for the joy she brings into the learning process.

Denise St. Pierre, Penn State Head Coach

I had the honor of being Dineen’s academic adviser during her time at Penn State. Dineen always exhibited a positive and uplifting personality during her college career, and she has embraced that as her biggest strength early in her career. Dineen’s work ethic, passion, and attitude are all contagious both with her coworkers and with her students. I have yet to meet anybody with such a passion for using golf to make a positive impact on the lives of others!

Brian Soulé

I think that anyone can teach my kids to swing a club and hit a ball so while Dineen has been excellent at that, she brings so much more to coaching my kids. They have been playing with her for four years and have learned about commitment, process, responsibility, respect (for themselves, the game and other players) and competition.

Dineen has taught them through friendship. She forged a relationship where they learned to admire and respect her in a most attainable way, and then showed them the ins and outs of swinging a club, reading a green, and strategizing their golf games.

Because of Dineen they will have a lifelong love of the game of golf—and a lifelong friend in her.

- Jill Neiberg

Dineen is a rock star! After knee surgery and many frustrating years of trying to get my swing back, several lessons with Dineen and I was back in my groove! She was able to recognize the positives in my grip, stance and swing while carefully tweaking the changes I needed. Lessons held on the range and on the course enabled me to apply the lessons in a real-life golf environment. She is patient, fun and extremely competent. Once again, I enjoy this amazing game!!

Carolyn Sweetapple

My son loves golf, but loves it more with Dineen. She has taught him proper form, club choice and the rules and etiquette of the game. She has encouraged him to improve and have goals but she has always kept the game fun.

- Lili Siegelson

You have made a true difference in Franklin’s life this summer- thank you. He really looks up to you and I believe your lessons of friendship and sportsmanship will stay with him and become a part of him.

Leah Rodgers