Keeping the Putter Low

Giving Back = Joy
March 12, 2016
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Keeping the Putter Low

Keeping the Putter Low

Are you having trouble with young children not keeping the putter low?

• First, tap into PATIENCE, before manipulating their stroke by physically intervening with their putt or giving continuous directions.

• From my observations, continuous directions to a child who isn’t performing how we’d like to see them perform only hinders the development process.

• The spirit/JOY of the child is the #1 goal!

• When a coach taps into PATIENCE, they allow the child to take action, facilitating their own learning.

HOW to tap into PATIENCE

• Let the child putt without “the perfect set-up, grip and stance”.
• Let them have a whack motion.
• Give them time and space to be a child.
• Set up a safe, FUN and meaningful environment.
• Observe what the child needs in the moment and provide it.
• Connect on the child’s level.
• Design activities/games for that day, spark the child’s interest. This sets in motion their motivation to engage and learn.
• The coach guides instead of telling. Support the child within each experience (interaction over lecture).

  • Create consistent routines:
    o Circle time
    o Warm Up
    o Full Swing
    o Putting
    o Wrap Up

By allowing a student, Harry, to create HIS OWN putting stroke, he had ownership over the process and in time, developed KEEPING THE PUTTER LOW consistently on his own.

Here is a video on The Process:


Here is a video on The Results (22 Classes in):